Monday, July 22, 2019

Some Fun New K-Variety

Hey Everyone!

One genre of Korean Entertainment that I really enjoy is the Variety/Reality shows.  They are so funny and I've "met" so many entertainers that I was unaware of before through them.  In fact, most of my favorite Kpop groups I became aware of because of their appearances on these shows. Whether they are short shows or full length episodes, KVariety is my Go-To when I want to smile, laugh, and relax. There are a few new shows that have begun recently and, so far, they are just a hoot! If you need a smile, I highly recommend checking out one of these:

GOT2DAY 2019  - This is the 4th Season of GOT7's GOT2DAY series and it's great to be able to watch the group just chat one on one with each other.  The episodes are short (around 10-12 minutes) and you get to see the fun personalities that all iGot7's know and love. You can find it on VLive and YouTube.

Matching Survival 1+1 - This is a dating game show and it seems to be constantly evolving since the first two episodes are quite different from that latter episodes. The current format is that several men and women enter a grocery store in the hopes of finding their love.  There are several rounds of games where partners are chosen based on choices made in the store.  At the end, they choose the person they want to be a couple with by asking if that person will "scan their barcode."  It's super cute and I'm enjoying it a lot.  You can find it on both Kocowa and Viki.

The Barber of Seville - Ok, honestly, this is not a show that I thought I'd like at first, but I am enjoying it so much.  Basically it follows 5 Korean Celebrities and a Master Hairstylist, and Master Barber as they set up shops in Seville, Spain.  The men run a barber shop and the women run a beauty salon, but they all share a large home as a living quarters.  As much as most Korean television makes me hungry...this show does the same for making me want to get my hair done.  For real...every time I watch I'm like, "I want to get a haircut!" So far there are only 2 episodes out and I'm looking forward to more.  This show can also be found on both Kocowa and Viki.

That's all for now. Till next time!!!

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