Saturday, March 20, 2021

Hooray!!! SHINee and SUPER JUNIOR are back!!!

 The last few weeks have brought some really fun comebacks and I'm loving it.  

First can I just say I was SO EXCITED to see SHINee back with a new album after them being on hiatus while Key, Onew, and Minho completed their military service.  Of course Taemin was busy and it was great to see him perform solo or with SuperM, but there is nothing as awesome as seeing them all back together.  When I first heard the new song "Don't Call Me" I wished so much that I still had ringback tones on my phone.  What a perfect song for that.  LOL.  I was so curious to know if anyone would actually hang up if they called and heard "Don't call me, Don't call me, Don't call me" being played in their ear.  LOL!!!  Makes me smile just to think about it.  

Along with the rest of the songs on the album, it's been a blast seeing SHINee on various variety shows and Youtube channels.  This particular video was just too adorable and I must admit that I watched it more than once.  :-) You can watch it here with English Subtitles: Kids Review K-Pop Star's Career (Feat. SHINee)  Plus Key seems to have started a new trend as the ending prince during the KPop Music shows.  If you don't know what that is, it's basically the final shot of a group after their performance and the camera does a close up on one member.  Key started doing these comical things when the cameras came to him and it seems to have caught on a bit with other groups too.  It's awesome. 

Next up was SUPER JUNIOR.  They are my favorite Kpop group and it's always fun to see them perform together or even individually.  The 9 members are active in tons of various types of programs both as guests and/or hosts, but it's extra special to see them together.  And the fact that HeeChul is actually performing on stage with them just warms my heart.  Though he was a part of the videos, he had stepped out of live performances because of a leg injury that never healed properly after a bad car accident, but it seems they've found a way for him to participate live and it's just amazing to see them all on stage together again in their live performances.  Though, it's not the title song, I feel I must bring attention to their performance of Burn the Floor.  This is may be the most unique performance I've seen in ages and I love it.  Sadly, it doesn't have English subs, but you can check it out here: Burn The Floor
Also, the same YouTube channel I mentioned above, also did a Kids Review of Super Junior that was a hoot.  

Seeing these groups who have been together so long (SUPER JUNIOR debuted in 2005, and SHINee debuted in 2008) and have stayed active and popular is a feat in itself.  I am proud to be a fan.  :-) 

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